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Responsive support

We take our customers interests seriously.

Performance Driven Systems

Tuned for performance by us, so you don’t have to.

Built for security

Your information, and your players’ information will be handled securely.

Custom options

From Monitoring to Special Access, we’ve got your back


New to market, not the game

Enjoy the best systems and features combined together

We’re pro’s from all walks of life, Running a server is second nature to us. We run the best so you can have the best.

A few things we’re great at

A few things we think we do a good job with. Check it out!

Server Setup and Management

When a server is set up right and managed well, it runs flawlessly.

Our Staff has decades of experience setting up and running servers of all types, so you don’t need a degree to run your hosted service.

Performance and

Tuned to the ‘T’ means that you should never notice an impact to performance.

We set up each server with an eye to detail to make sure that everything runs like it should.

Building Communities

We started from a community, and we know that many Communities are founded in environments much
like the ones we provide.

We aim to deliver service that ultimately benefits communities of all types.


DDoS protection is a dime a dozen these days. But there are many ways in which information, YOUR information, your USERS information can be lost.

We work hard to make sure that does not happen on multiple fronts, so your information is secure, no matter what.

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